The Great War Revisited

Oct 28th, 2018 Books & Literature, Theatre, Welcome Message Rob Reid 8 min read

This book is not about heroes. English poetry is not yet fit to speak of them. Nor is it about deeds, or lands, nor anything about glory, honour, might, majesty, dominion or power, except War. Above all I am not concerned with Poetry. My subject is War, and the pity of War. The Poetry is in the pity. Yet these elegies are to this generation…

Where History and Story Meet

Aug 19th, 2018 Welcome Message Rob Reid 5 min read

Somedays you write the song Somedays the song writes you                                              —Guy Clark The Blyth Festival’s last two of four main-stage productions of 2018 examine roots and identity. Both 1837:The Farmers’ Revolt and Wing Night at the Boot have deep ties to the theatre…

Newfoundland Mythmakers in Word and Image

Dec 19th, 2016 Books & Literature, Visual Arts, Welcome Message Rob Reid 16 min read

I’m fascinated by the rich culture of Newfoundland. I love its music, its literature (poetry and prose as well as drama) and its visual arts. I have yet to visit Canada’s easternmost province; however, I yearn to cast fur and feather at homebound Atlantic salmon, revered as the King of Fish, on one of its beautiful rivers. David French’s Salt-water moon, the third book —…

Just Keeps on Racing

Jul 20th, 2016 Welcome Message Rob Reid 7 min read

CAMBRIDGE — I’ve been attending the Mill Race Festival of Traditional Folk Music for most of its 24 years. In fact, the free-admission, three-day celebration of folk music held at the height of summer is my favourite festival. It doesn’t attract the big crowds of the Kitchener Blues Festival; it does’t have the high profile of Guelph’s Hillside Festival. But founding artistic director Brad McEwen…

Welcome to Reid Between the Lines

Jun 14th, 2015 Welcome Message Rob Reid 12 min read

As I was about to enter my 30th year at the Waterloo Region Record, the company floated yet another buyout in a losing campaign to forestall the declining fortunes of daily newspapers. I was counting down the clock to my 64th birthday, and had recently celebrated my two sons’ graduation from university and college, so I was ready to entertain the prospect of early retirement….